The 24th Ningbo International Machine Tool Equipment Expo opened grandly in 2023.
发布时间: 2023-03-17
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On March 16, 2023, the 24th Ningbo International Machine Tool Equipment Exhibition officially opened at the Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center! On the first day of the exhibition, the venue was bustling with crowds, and the audience was in a continuous flow.


Featuring brand-new technologies and upgraded products, the exhibition sparked great enthusiasm among attendees. According to statistics, the offline attendance on the first day of the Ningbo Machine Tool Exhibition on March 16 was 11,897 people. The significant turnout not only affirmed the success of the current exhibition but also demonstrated strong support for the overall development of Ningbo's manufacturing industry.

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With the basic end of the COVID-19 pandemic after three years, the preparations for offline exhibitions are gradually returning to normal. After optimizing epidemic prevention and control and the classification and management of the "Class B and B channels," industry confidence is gradually recovering, and preparations are getting back on track. The exhibition area for this session has reached a historical high of 45,000 square meters, with an actual booth size exceeding 2,000, an increase of 25% compared to the previous exhibition.

On the first day of the exhibition, the venue was crowded, lively, and bustling with people as far as the eye could see.



This exhibition includes three major sections: Machine Tools/Laser Sheet Metal/Welding and Cutting/Machine Tool Accessories, Intelligent Manufacturing/Automation/Robot/Industrial Internet of Things Intelligent Technology Applications, and Manufacturing Plant Equipment. It also features an online digital exhibition, closely aligning with the manufacturing industry's needs and serving industrial development in the East China region.

Leading manufacturers and brands participating in the online and offline exhibition include prominent names such as:

From Japan: Mazak, Tsugami, Fanuc, Nachi, Yaskawa, Toyo, Sumitomo Electric, Ooya Machinery, Yasda, etc.

From the United States: Haas, Vardex, Kennametal, etc.

From Germany: DMG Mori, HYPERMILL, Felsomat, HMP, OGS, Raziol, Waldrich Coburg, etc.

From Italy: IMG, TAJMAC, FACCIN, MECOF, CMS, Ficep, etc.

From Sweden: UVA LIDKÖPING, CIDAN, etc.

From Spain: SAIA, DENN, IBARMIA, etc.

From Singapore: STEAM, etc.

From India: Pragati, etc.

From Australia: Ward CNC, etc.

From South Korea: Kookje, etc.

From the Netherlands: Saubhagya, etc.

From Austria: FORSTNER, NUIT, etc.

From Switzerland: THALMANN, Sepotec, SEPOTER, etc.

From Czech Republic: FERMAT, OMOS, etc.

From China: Shenyang Machine Tool, Baoji Machine Tool, Heydemann, Weida, Xinuo Precision, Qiaofeng, Jinhong, Taiqun, Jiangnan CNC, Eastern CNC, Jiecheng, Kejie, Jiamengzi, Huate, Gongtie, Yongbo, Yangli Group, Ruite, Julihuang, Chenlong, Qianjiang, Eversafe, Celtic, etc.

From Taiwan, China: Lichi, Chengtai, Detron, Shengtai, Dongyi Industrial, Dajunhong, Yuanshan Equipment, etc.